The Goal Scoring Goal Keeper

Football is fun when you watch goalkeeper score more often the regular striker on the team. The 41-year Sao Paulo goalie Rogerio Ceni scored his 120th goal for the club recently. He has been fascinating to watch. Had it not been for bad defending, it would be impossible to score this amount of goals though.  

FIFA 15 New Celebrations Tutorial

FIFA 15 is all set to be released later this month. In North America, Europe and Asia, it will be released on 23, 25, and 26 September. This edition, coupled with several other improvements, will see a lifelike players' celebrations. Watch out the video. 

EA Sports Releases FIFA 15 TOP 10 Players Rating Guess Who Tops The List?

EA Sports, FIFA Game Creator, has finally released the long-awaited top 10 players rating list. Lionel Messi tops the list with 93 in the list. It is certainly going to be fun playing with Messi in the upcoming FIFA 10. The long time rival Cristiano Ronaldo comes second to Messi in the game. 








Lionel Messi Taking Ice Bucket Challenge

The fad of Ice Bucket Challenge took over the social media and kept all the celebrities engaged. It is campaign to raise awareness about the ALS disease. The challenge is an initiative to donate the money into the research of the disease. Leo Messi, the finest footballer ever to have graced the football world, did not leave behind and took the challenge. See how he did it and who were his nominees.

How Will Messi Look Like In FIFA 15?

EA Sport's FIFA 15 will be lifelike as their graphic team has worked day and night to bring player's facial appearance closer to reality. Lionel Messi will look only slightly dissimilar to his real face though but the efforts put in to create this year's version are commendable indeed. Here is how Messi will look like in the game. 

The attention to details has been at par excellence. As you can see in this image: 

Another aspect of the game that will enthrall the gamers is the "wind-through" feature. For example, Edinson Cavani's hair will wave if the weather is windy.