Messi On Summer Vacations With Family

Messi finally seems to have overcome the World Cup final agony after he embarked on summer vacations with his family. Messi has often evaded the public eye and is considered a family guy who tries to keep himself aloof from off-field controversies. Being the best player on the planet, that sets a pretty good example for others to follow. He is down-to-earth and has devotion to his family. 

Relaxing with his girlfriend, Antonella-Roccuzzo.

Having some light moments off the field. On a Yacht in Capri, Italy. 

Like any father in the world, Messi has excessive love for his only son, Thiago. 

He wears the shoes that have his son's name printed. That sums up his affection for his son who was born in November, 2012. 


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