FIFA 14 Review

Fifa 14 will yet another be a great edition. This has received a lot of appreciations from the people all over the world.

What does it promise?

The fifa 14 promises to keep you occupied and allows you to stay connected with the different strikes while you watch your favorite sport. This has been a proven successful name since the time fifa came into being. This lets the viewers and people from all parts of the world to stay connected with the internet.
What does it ensure?

The fifa 14 ensures the ball basic physics system. It is, sometimes, called as the real ball physics. This can ensure that the trajectories of the ball can behave like real life experience. So you will be able to have a real life gaming experience with the fifa.

How many players can play?

I am more than happy to tell you that the fifa 14 can be played by 4-5 players at one time. This clearly means if you have 4,5 kids then they can all enjoy this game and experience the best sport in a real life environment.


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