3 Reasons Why Messi Is The Best Footballer

3 Reasons That Make Messi The Best Footballer

Lionel Messi's claim to fame is not due to the exaggerated qualities but sheer talent this young lad has showed time and again to the world. He has won Player of The Year Award four times--unprecedented record in the history. He is such a complete footballer of our time that it will be unjust to place him in comparison with any other footballer at the moment. 

Speed That Makes Him The Most Feared Striker

The unique quality that Messi possesses is he is as fast with the ball as without it. A quality that is impossible among other footballers. His balance is outclass and does not hamper his advances towards the goal. It is difficult to stop Messi when he is making the run. 


The same goes for his accuracy. He is one of the best free-kick tackers in the world. His goal against Iran in the World Cup match truly proves his status as the footballer who is more often accurate than not when taking the shot at goal. 

His Intelligence Is Incomparable

Messi reads the game so well that he rarely fails to find himself in the position to score. He has that penchant to find spaces in a tight positions where others usually fail. The reason why he has succeeded more at FC Barcelona because his teammates like Xavi and Iniesta are in sync with him. 


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